July 21, 2024
14 Helpful Tips To Keep Yourself Busy During This Lockdown

Minutes after the curfew started in Lagos by 4pm on October 20, 2020.

The streets was not fully empty as expected, shops are closed, Some People decided to still remain on the streets for a peaceful protest when we witnessed something we would not forget in our history.

I pray for speedy recovery for those injured and for those who lost their lives or lost a loved one , May their gentle souls rest in peace.

Instead of being glued to your television sets, watching your favourite host reveal new information on the endless chaos Nigeria is witnessing, there are many more ways to escape the politics and actually enjoy being stuck at home.

So, here are 14 things you can do to make the most of your long hours spent at home.

1.) Work out at home;

now this might not sound like much fun, but since it’s a time everyone slacks off , this is a great way to get in shape while you have the time! Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, workout apps are available on both, or even just check a few work out videos on youtube. If you’re too lazy to do that, just blast some nice music and dance to it, it may seem like nothing, but it’ll actually release endorphins, which will make you feel better, and you’ll also burn off a few calories!


This is a time to pray with your loved ones together at home.

Pray for peace and the restoration of order in the country. Prayers can help calm things down and your nerves and relieves stress.

You may want to read some verses in that holy book of yours.

  1. Start your morning Yoga or Meditation

Start your day with Yoga. Yoga is one of the best exercises to increase immunity. This is a great opportunity to start this good practice and also encourage your family members about the same. Furthermore, yoga is good to keep the mental stress at bay keeping into account the amount of stress and fear this disease is bringing in.

Yoga poses such as Forward Fold, the Fish Pose and Pranayama are proven to increase the line of the defense of our body.

  1. Family That Cooks Together – Stays Together.

The world has become fast-paced and nobody has time to even eat properly leave alone those long talks and family get-together. Use this opportunity of lockdown to spend time with your family. Why not plan a big fat breakfast time with your family this weekend?

Plan a nice menu for breakfast and cook together. As I said earlier, the family that cooks together stays together.

  1. Afternoon Time Movie and Lunch – At Home.

Break the routine of going to the mall for a movie and lunch today. Give it a break. Put on some nice old movie everyone likes with some simple home-cooked lunch and enjoy this nice cozy time with your loved ones. We know your childhood memories will come rushing back and your kids will knit those memories themselves.

Moreover, due to this pandemic, kids would be completely confused and scared at the same time so a good family time can certainly perk up their mood away from the negative atmosphere outside.

  1. Board Games and Fun!

Where has the 90s fun of playing cards in the afternoon gone in this time of Instagram? I am sure all the 90s kids will relate to this. Summer vacations used to be so much fun due to the board games, isn’t it? How can this lockdown seem boring when you can play cards, carom, scrabble, snakes and ladder with your kids and family?Certainly, it will be super fun. I bet!

  1. Late Night Tea With Family!

We are so engrossed in our career, making money, fulfilling all the materialistic needs that we forget to ponder upon our own lives or even talk to our loved ones. Every evening after work goes into thinking about what happened at work and what will happen tomorrow. Use this time of the lockdown to connect with your family members. What can make the connection better than a cup of tea and snacks ?

8. Have those heart-to-heart discussions, ask each other about their lives and laugh as you never have. Connect with your loved ones and let’s brings something positive out of this lockdown.

Learning to find the ray of hope ourselves during difficult times is defined as life. These are the troubled times and we need to be patient, determined and positive to overcome this crisis. Show your support,love and empathy to People around and use this time to inculcate the most important human values – determination and patience.

9) Adopt a new hobby;

whether it’s singing, dancing, writing, playing an instrument, drawing, reading, maybe even just playing video games, hobbies are always a good way to pass the time, you may even find that you are talented with one of your hobbies!

10) Bake; baking is always a good idea. Cookies, cakes etc.

If you don’t have a cookbook or a recipe, don’t stress, the internet is a wonderful place. You can bake for yourself, or you could bake for your family and friends. If your desert is successful you will get compliments about your baking, and as silly as it may seem, it will put you in a better mood! If you’re more into cooking than baking, make your family a nice meal, they’ll appreciate it, even if it tastes dreadful.

Do you not just want to eat this right now? Go make it!

11.) Decorate your room;

if you feel like your room is missing something, and you’ve been saying you were going to change it up one day, now’s the time! This is also a perfect opportunity to clean and organise your room, while also having a little bit of fun with it. However, make sure to put some fun music on so that you don’t get bored and give up easily.

12.) Clean out your closet;

go through your clothes, do you really need that sweater that doesn’t fit you anymore? Or those jeans that you don’t like? Maybe even a pair of shoes that aren’t your size! Why are those items still in your cupboard? If you’re one of those people who doesn’t have any more space in their cupboard, take the things you don’t need anymore and donate them! There are many people who would be very grateful and would use them a lot better than you would. Do something to help make a change, it may not seem like much, but it means a lot to them.

13.) Learn something new;

there are many websites in which you can take online courses! Or you could do it the old fashion way, and get someone to teach you. There are so many new things to learn out there, like languages, culture, arts and crafts, maybe even learn how to play an instrument!

14) Organise events to help better society; although you can’t exactly do these things currently, once the curfew is over, it would be a nice contribution to simply meet up with a few friends and help clean up a few streets, or maybe even plant a couple of trees. Or if you see a stray animal, contact the SPARE animal shelter. These may seem like they won’t do much, but if you sit there waiting for a change it won’t just come, you have to be the one to make a change.

Remember to stay safe and reach out to your family,friends Associates and your clients to check up on them and we pray for better days and that our leaders start taking action to implement to those demands of the citizens on this end sars movement.

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