20 october 2020 – A Great History That The World Will Never Forget About Nigeria.

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20 october 2020 – A Great History That The World Will Never Forget About Nigeria.

On this day, the 20 of October 2020 in Lekki Lagos Nigeria, a mighty history occured which the world will never forget about the state and the place (Lekki Toll Gate).

On the very day the history was created about Lekki Toll Gate, Nigerian youths where holding a peaceful protest at the place but in other word failed to obeyed the government orders due to brutality and maltreatment in the state.

This all begins peacefully when the youths rise up to protest against the government assigned securities agent popularly known as the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), over brutality and turning Back to robbed it own people.

In Nigeria brutality history, the Sars have done the worst by Killing and forcefully taking things from people and using all they can to defend themselves and sending some to prison at same time and this has being the major problem of the youths as the rise to protest against their wicked doing by this people.

To be sincere and truthful concerning the incident, not all the Sars men and involved on this wicked act, but majority of them, mostly the ones at the west part of the country, who forcefully obtained what doesn’t belongs to them.

Landing on the Lekki Toll Gate, which bring about the explanations above, 20 October 2020 is a blood flows day that no Nigerian citizens both home and abroad will ever forget. On the very day this deadly incident occurred, the people where protesting peaceful for their right at the popular Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos State Nigeria when an

Unknown soldier stormed down the venue to shoot and kill innocent people who went out to fight for freedom and their right.

As the history begins, on 20 October 2020, a Nigerian popularly Disc Jockey known as DJ Switch was present at the venue when the government zoombies (soldiers) came to depressed the people off their right, opening fire on them which as report lead to lost of 78 recorded death’s of the protesters.

Before that night that this protesters where killed, some government officials came in brought day light to take off the CCTV Cameras which where installed at the Lekki Toll Gate for over years now without taking them out of the venue.

All when this occurred the protesters new something is going to happen but never expect it to be this though which will lead to lost of lives of instant 78 citizens of Nigerians.

DJ Switch took to her Instagram live video ,streaming everything happening at the toll gate live, because she was one of the top celebrity assigned to lead the protest on that historical day.

This unknown soldiers according to the Nigerian government came in and immediately the arrival, all the lights at the Lekki Toll Gate went automatically off and the began to open mighty fires on the protesters leading to injuries and lost of life of the citizens.

The youths anger increased asking the reasons why some of them where killed at the peaceful protest ground. That very night the former governor of lagos state Bola Ahmed Tinubu flew in Private jet to France in other for his life to be secured.

The youths mount a search for him and discovered he is out of the state, the reasons for his search is because, he owned the Lekki Toll Gate making the minimum of Forty Million Naira per day and losing such money for about two weeks may lead him into releasing the army on the peaceful protesters.

One of the youths who identify himself as a friend to his son Seyi Tinubu called him on phone asking if he knows about the Lekki Toll Gate Killing, he said yes and he proceed by asking his current location, he then said he is some out of the country and the intelligent young man speaking with him on phone told him to leave the youths to enjoy mad have their right paths, that Killing them cut their dreams short.

Tinubu denied being involved in the killings, but Nigerians where not pleased with his defend, further seek to have him come live to address the people.

The killings later extend to others part of the country having the 36 state of the country captive and preventing others people daily activities.

In Cross River State Calabar, it became a worths situation for the government to handle as the killings including burning of politicians houses and robbing of others citizens off their valuable goods, breaking of shops and supermarket, looting away with money and foods as well.

Most of the foods taken away by citizens where actually not stolen by forcefully taken by them because it was supposed to share during the Covid19 pendemic earlier the year 2020 which kept everyone in for almost 3 months.

As the incident continue uncontrollably, the crossivarians took it so serious that even the Psychiatric hospital where mad people are kept for proper treatment was also set ablaze in other to make the government feel the pains in them, three hundred plus motorcycles where taken away from the government house and 400 fridges as report by some onilne Medias.

Back to Lagos where the incident all started, a lots of government properties where destroyed such as, the Oriental Hotel, Lekki Toll Gate, BRT terminal in oyibo, TVC station and more.

In Lagos 26 Police stations where Burnt down to dark ashes and uncountable force men both police and the Nigerian army as well lost their lives during this deadly occurrence.

Youths where not happy about the incident but where left with no choice than to fight for what they think is their right. The country became very uncomfortable for everyone because of the killings and lost of lives, President Buhari was expected to address the youths with a better promise but his speech during the address wasn’t exactly what the youths really needs from him.

Aligning with all what has happened to the Nigerians and keeping the record up fresh, the world will forever remember this day that brought tears into the eyes of innocent mother’s and citizens of the state.

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