“20% of my salary would go to my husband and 30% to our family’s account” – Lady declares as she illuminates the pressure and hardship men face to cater for their families

A Nigerian twitter user identified by her handle simply as @A_Blackwoman hints at how she plans to support her husband in future.

Taking to the micro-blogging platform, the lady succinctly highlighted on the pressure and hardship faced by a lot of men all in a bid to cater for their families.

She however reached a reasonable conclusion that 20% of her salary would go to her husband for his personal upkeep and 30% to their family account.

Twitter lady husband men

The tweet reads:

“The pressure on these men🤦 I have finally come to a conclusion that 20% of my salary would go to my husband as my support to his personal upkeep and 30% to our family’s account… Because Omo!

A couple hours outside my house and I can’t help but notice the mechanic sweating his life out, the conductor shouting, there’s this man (looking early 50’s) hawking palm/vegetable oil under this wicked sun o, I’m just seeing a lot, I feel for them😩.

Then these cement trucks, there is another man who folded himself and is struggling to maybe catch a minute or two of good sleep on top cement, under sun😭😩 my own man is blessed ahead, that man must not suffer o🥺.

May the universe bless every man out there doing the most to pass through each day giving love and hope to everyone else in his family except himself… Guys please, y’all should take very good care of yourselves ♥️.”

Twitter lady husband men
Twitter lady husband men