July 19, 2024
Nile university students jump on viral 'Of Course' challenge

“200k allowance is not enough keh” – Eyebrows raised as Nile university students jump on viral ‘Of Course’ challenge (Video)

Three female students from Nile University in Abuja have showed off their extravagant lifestyle they live in school as they joined viral TikTok challenge, ‘Of Course‘.

The “Of Course” challenge is a popular trend on Nigerian TikTok where users participate by showcasing their professions. In this challenge, a group of people with similar jobs share little their profession entails.

The young ladies joined the trend as they shared their experiences being a Nile university students, causing stirs among social media users.

In a video circulating online, the students from  the private university claim to be wealthy. They assert that as students, they have the freedom to leave their school whenever they want.

They also mention having strong connections with their professors and arriving at school in luxurious cars.

The key moment in the video was when a girl mentioned that receiving an allowance of N200 thousand as a student at Nile University is not sufficient.

Watch the video below:


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