Blogging difficulties and what to do.

3 common blogging difficulties in Nigeria.

In network / online money generating source today, I can assure you that blogging has been the number one ways of becoming self employed without stress and same time one of the most difficult task to understand as well.

Blogging has it ways and categories, depending on how serious you want it. Most people used blogging as stress relieve or to keep themselves busy, while others who understand it better, use it as a cool means or source of generating income.

Today in blogging world, it very easy to build your own blog using WordPress, but another issue here is the continue maintaining of that blogging untill it becomes big source or ways of you getting millions from it.

If you watch through different YouTube channels, you will fine out there are tutoring videos all round to guide you on how you can successfully build you blog without too much of stress.

But before you think of making blogging your skills, ask yourself will I be able to continue managing this blog, how long do I stay online to post articles which can help people. These are some of the things you need consider before embarking on blogging skills if not you will end up complaining like the others who where not successful on it.

Another thing about blogging is, you can’t know all things as you wish the more reach you do, the more you get to come across new things Which will help you become successful in your blogging life. This knowledge is few among bloggers, some pay for build blog and all they do is post write on there blog without going on a research for more knowledge.

Don’t let blog become stressful for you to handle, its a skills most people enjoy due to it less ways of stressing except the aspects of writing Which you may get used to it as time goes.

Let me share my own experience with you, few year’s ago when I started blogging, I all started as a zero novice and that cost me alot because things I where suppose to do on my own, I paid for it to be done. Then I do believe on one person until i became exposed and learn how to ask questions from others.

During this time, I paid the total Sum of $262.81 for my blog to be built, yet the expert keeping giving me low quality work because of the income or money he is getting from me regularly and this seem stressful for me to handle.

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Am sharing this with you because, this can also contribute to reasons why people failed or fine it difficult in blogging business. Not all ideas are welcome but most times you derived 10% from what you have been told.
And mind you blogging will continue becoming more harder for you, if you depend on a particular person to be successful about on it.

This same person you look up to, has a secret that he / she doesn’t want to share with anybody, the reasons is because, he or she doesn’t want a competitor on the ranking market to compete with them.

Another thing I will like to speak about is Ranking. It’s very painful seen others flying on the go while you are still struggling to be known. And in history of blogging today, the first appearance or approach on ranking market matters a lots. I won’t mention name’s but if are a quick researcher you will discover that most site ranking first on google search are very popular and most of them are making more cash than those once still struggling.

Don’t be discourage you can be like them, in some cases it has to do with time and your endurance on the business. Get to meet different people who are there before you, ask questions and try to combine at least 10% of the ideas you will be getting to see if it gonna work for you.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up;
The reasons you must not give up on your blogging skills is because, once you abandoned your long-time skills you have gotten, your money, time spend and the derived knowledge will all become useless.
Now you have automatically become one or put yourself among those failed ones.

Ask Questions.
I said something earlier about you asking questions so you can derived at least 10% knowledge from people who are higher than you in the business. But mind you, they are not going to tell you there deep secret about there blogging success but at least you will learn from them when they are speaking with you.
This is a similar issues I myself have personally encounter, very difficult for a better one to say out there secret.

Go On A Research
Apart from you asking questions or not giving up on what you through love or not giving up on it. Do a better research to know to know more about your blogging lifestyle. Remember I told you earlier about some online tutoring videos on YouTube which can help you to come or stand out differently from the failed ones. Even after asking questions, a lots still don’t understand until they come across and expert who explain more better to them.

Hard Working.
You may imagine why we include hard working on the helping tips, the truth is that even after asking questions, going on a research and and not giving up on your skills, if you do not apply the habit of hard work together with it, you won’t see any success coming from it. Note, am not trying to discourage you but a simple truth about blogging that many don’t know.

Those successful bloggers you see today, paid a very great prize that only the genuine can do that. Before you see them talking about blogging success online, they must have gone through a stress to accomplish their mention.

Blogging is cool, but in my own ways and what I have discovered, people fine interest on the profit attach to it than means of getting there site stand out from others. This is another means of by passing failure in your blogging carrier and it takes hard work to get this stage of level.


In my own opinion about making blogging more successful, you have to ask questions, make a research, don’t give up, derive 10% ideas from every advise and use them to for your own blogging success.

When you ask questions things get more easier for you, no one has become and expert without questions and a research.

Apply all the listed categories, if you want to become successful in your blogging life.