6 Common Challenges Most Upcoming Musicians face In Nigeria.

6 Common Challenges Most Upcoming Musicians face In Nigeria.

Today we are about aligning on the popular and common challenges that has kept a lots of upcoming music stars bondage in Nigeria and ways of getting those things solve as well.

Currently there are a lots of upcoming musician struggle hard just to hit the limelight in Nigeria but same time, there is this common challenges that has keep prevailing most of them from hitting wide on the right source.

As a musician or musical artist, your dream is to become popular and widely known, now what you are to ask yourself is, what are those things preventing me from getting into the masses. Sometimes this may not be literally money but at times some fall into this section too.

Being sincere with yourself is one of the best decision as musician or music artist in Nigeria, a lot have given up due to this hard steps of them climbing higher or getting recognition in the state, some still not give up but end up like other’s too.

What you need do, ask yourself what exactly or which area am i not landing well that is preventing me from hitting the right audience, I have seen some better music stars in Nigeria who are capable of pushing themselves but yet still fine it very hard and even more difficult than others getting popularity in the country.

Nigerian entertainment industry is taking no chances to anyone, once you slag or don’t follow up to meet it protocol, you become frustrated and think of giving up even when you are not supposed to.

In this very case, everyone need a guideline or knowledge in other to meet up as others or stay fresh in the Nigeria entertainment world or industry. As you think of the money aspects or how much you could be ending from your music sells also think of what they public needs from you.

Here we move down to the 6 Common Challenges Most Upcoming Musicians face In Nigeria.

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1. Lack Of Fund:-

Insufficient fund can prevent you as a musician in Nigeria not to become recognized, this happen because the industry has enlarge more Wilder than before. We now have different categories of people engaged in the game compare to those time or year’s of 2005 to now.

The main person selling you out in entertainment industry today in Nigeria are marketers, those people go along way seeking the attentions of the masses just for your seek, abd what usually motivate them is your cool payment to them, without that you will be acting a lose actor movie in the game due to lack of funds.

2. Lack Of Public Satisfaction:

This serves best and make you understand why you should work more harder as an artist in Nigeria, some of them who have the money to spend or sponsor their carrier are lacking from this angle while some who are capable of satisfying this category are lacking from fund aspect, you can see how critical this situation is.

Most of the upcoming musician in Nigeria lack the ways of satisfying the public, some of them focused on what they love to hear not what the public will be pleased with.
Nigeria music entertainment industry today have this value of song category which is Afro, Dance Hall, Party Jam, then the rest follow. If you doing any other thing apart from this music category listed above, you will be losing or lacking attention from the public here in Nigeria.

3. Lose / Gaining:-

After a lots of upcoming has finally gather to record a single song, majority still fails to go extra ordinary mind in putting those song or single for a monetize platforms so as to make at least even 10 percent of the money spend back. To be truthful about the game in entertainment or music industry today, the main aim is earn large from it, but some have feed the music producers with thousands without making pin after the song is ready.

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When you keep following this steps in the game, all you be is recording a track with your hard earn money without gaining back anything from your investment and any thing invested without paid I’d said to be a waist of product, that’s means you are automatically losing your earn without good results. This is one of the mistake Nigerian upcoming artist are doing even currently as we speak.

4. Scheduling:-

Many still work in song project without knowing their schedule and when they should punch it out to the public, when you keep presenting out to the masses thing’s when they are not needed, sorry to say you won’t meet up with exactly what you are looking for.

This issues happens or occur within the upcoming in Nigeria, this seemed a very hard situation to solve because not all are taking this good correction.

It very difficult for a top Nigerian artists to drop out an album or single track same day, for example the star boy entertainment can’t present to you a single drop of their artist same day DMW are set to present theirs as well, try waiting for one to go abd check out how it delivery before letting their artist out for the game too.

But most upcoming in Nigeria made this mistake by releasing their song same day with the country top star, you won’t be held because no one knows you or have held much about you.

5. Lack Of Show:-

Going or attending shows around are the most part of you as an artist getting known in your neighborhood, off curse, your fans start from where you leave by getting people around to know where you are heading to abd where you actually belong in the society. But the simple truth here is that, many of the upcoming in Nigeria lack this form of ideas.

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When you don’t regularly attend shows you seemed kept or taken away from the pushing limelight, they are a lot of events daily in Nigeria even looking for an upcoming who charges are low so they can partner with, don’t be an exception of this m, try all you could not to reject show as an upcoming, with this you will see how the masses will start embracing you from a start points.
Don’t be deceive, no one get it all done in one day but try amend some of this critical mistakes.

6. Perfect Production:-

This conclude our tips for today on entertainment in Nigeria industry. Even if you have perfectly all the listed above from 1 to number 4, if your songs or music don’t give that good hearing perfection from you, sorry you will fine it even more difficult than an Instagram freestyler to blow in Nigeria music industry.

In recent years, a lots of songs has being blown due to it sound production, most times the lyrics are not that tight, but you see this production we are taking about, this has prevent a lots from climbing the limelight in Nigeria.

If the fault is coming from your producer, you are advised to change producer for a quick perfect work, then if it coming from you, you are expected to work hard without resting to get yourself well standard and ready to shoot.


For you to be successful as an upcoming artist or Musician in Nigeria, you need to be very hard working, You need to know the exact things that the masses or public need, your type of music and so on.
In some cases I can say, if you apply some simple steps or rules which guild the Nigerian entertainment world/ industry, you testify about the better results of this article.

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