6 Mature Ways To Handle A Relationship Breakup.

6 Mature Ways To Handle A Relationship Breakup .

While on a relationship, there are so many advantages and disadvantages which follows as a result of break up and heart break. First before thinking of dating someone, there’s no assurance they both of you could end up being partner forever, it a point of trial by both side.

Sometimes it happens the other partner is deeply in love while the other one is just playing along maybe for some period of time just to have someone to feel along with. In other some sense of it, the partner playing along without love is really putting the other one in danger of being hurt at the end.

I have come across a relationship whereby, the girl played along for almost 3years with they while awaiting her love arrival from abroad, without the knowledge of the present person in love, the lady arrange and settle everything about her wedding before telling him it’s over, even with a good by s*x just to pay the guy off.

But guess what, it’s wasn’t funny at all, the guy couldn’t hold to himself, from the moment lady being his ex girlfriend pronounced this to him, everything seemed messed up for him, because the guy was having the intensions of getting married to this lady not knowing while dating him, the lady also has a plan A which I may say it later work for her.

In this very situation or period, things may not be the same the way it is in the past, now you are to face the challenges or stress at work and same time facing the stress of heart break form your lover.
To me I look those things natural, because while on a date, many things are bound to happen and your ways in which you handle them when it occurred matters alot.

Another wonderful break up I also came across about two years ago, is that of a young lady working in a bank but lost her job later due to how terrible the break was and this really disturbed her that she couldn’t hold to herself.

While is breaking up in a relationship so hard to let go is because the person you letting out of your life have occupied a specific place that no one has and he or she is the only person who knows your good and bad time or situation.
Love is altimate, let me give you one good example of Jack in Titanic who was died for love just to save the life of her lover Rose.

You can meet your love or partner in any places of the world, but its hard to let them go in places in the world after they have occupied the missing gap in your life. If not so Jack of Titanic will not sacrifice his life to save Rose his lover, love is blind and stubborn.

To give you a tangible reasons to love, all you need do is go through the 15 listed reasons below to help you Incase of anything on how to handle a heart break.

Here is the 6 Mature Ways To Handle A Breakup or heart break Without Being Hurt.

1. At First When It Happen Take A Little Alcohol;

To first reduced the heart break and stressed of being hurt the more, just take a little of alcohol and go to bed don’t talk or think of anything at the moment. Sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours and when you finally wake, take your bath and look for good food to eat then top it up with cool Wine (drink) maybe with 7 percent of alcohol and relaxed again.
With this first step, you will be able to over come the heat of heart break if not 40 at least 50 Percent for that very moment before you think of what next to do.

2 Hack Out With Friends;

The second step here to get yourself in oder after a heart break both for men and women, hack out with your friends in a garden, fun center or talk zone center. After that, I recommend you to personally create or comes up with a good conversation but mind you not something relating to relationship maybe a business ideas. Emphasize on that topic for at least the period of two hours, seek to have opinions from each of yours friends, ask them to advise you on the kind of business to start with 50 thousand naira and listen to funny ideas you will get in return, after this you will discover that you have a less feelings towards the recent heart break you just had.

3. Go To Cinema

Yes this is another perfect recommendation similar to Hack Out With Friends which has helped a lots of people to forget about a heart break incident but mind you not everyone this very tricks work for. I want to tell you about my personal life which and relationship heart break which almost pull me down about 2 year’s ago.

Their is this young beautiful girl I was dating back in 2018, when I was still under a huge struggling with monthly salary of 30 thousand naira. when we started at first, things where going fine, we used to be one of best love bird then untill her I couldn’t meet up with her request anymore and she started cheating on me not even with people outside of the staying but with same people who do admired us then.
In this situation, I was so down but I was able to help myself by going out with friends to watch football even though I wasn’t a fan, some time’s to the cinema to watch latest movies and finally I diverted in to blogging which with the stress of writing an article, I totally let go of everything that has to do with her.

4. Go To Game / Football House;

As I mentioned earlier on while adding some important tips on cinema, Football is another great way to match down a break but this tricks work perfectly for the men only, in some cases to women also because there are some who are football lovers. If you can’t as a women, open your channel and search down to any stations showing your favourite season film and, start from the season 1 to Watch so when you meet with your friends, you can create an argument that will last for an hour to help yourself let go of the past heart break.

5. Don’t Go Through Your Text Messages Or Call;

Another thing that brings most a memory of break up that many can’t let go is Text Messages and Call. Let just assume every 8pm at night you get a text messages from your ex lover asking how was your day, what you eat and where you visited for the day, now it’s over no one to do such same thing as call.

When that very time is quite approaching, go back to the first article which asked you to take a little of alcohol, so before that minutes or hours finally comes you are already deep asleep.

6. Listen To Your Favourite Music And Sing Along.

Heart break is not something anyone pray for because the repercussions and mode is very hard to handle. But in case you fall a victim of it, don’t assume it wasn’t you just try as much as possible to address it in a proper way.

Music is one of the soul co-ordinator even before I myself was born, it has help people to forget about boldries and keep your soul busy and sustain you from anything not useful at the moment.

How to deal with this, as the music plays, even though you don’t have a good lyrics of it just try as much as possible to sing along, all ways lead to the right path according to African mentally.

I hope with this few tips you can gladly or be able to handle any kind of heart depending when it comes or how it comes.
I was somehow less busy today, so I decided to come up with a beneficiary article like this Which I know many will gain from it.

Relationship break up has lead many to death, not because there are fools to do such but because they have less ideas on how to deal with it.