June 12, 2024

6 Reasons Nigerians Will Never Forget GoodLuck Jonathan.

6 Reasons Nigerians Will Never Forget GoodLuck Jonathan.

To most of you who has forgotten who GoodLuck Ebere Jonathan is, he is the former president of Nigeria who took over from the late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua who was the president of Nigeria from 2007 to 2010 when he died.

During that time, GoodLuck was the vice president to him, later took over the the presidential sit after he passed on to rest with the lord on the 5th of May 2010 and was buried 6th of May that same year.

GoodLuck serve as the president from 2010 when Yar’Adua died to 2015 when the active president Mohammadu Buhari took over from him. His government then was a peaceful and Godly government that wasn’t involved in any blood Sharing or depression of the citizens.

Before he left the presidential house, the people who voted him in as the president where the same people who voted him out, according to the masses, this was because GoodLuck was unable to take deep actions in some cases.

The masses where not please enough with what and how his regime was ruled, so during election in 2015, they all decided to bring in the active President (Mohammedu Buhari) to take over from him and wish to gain more valuables results than GoodLuck tenor.

As a peaceful, minded and intelligent man, he handed over power to Mohammadu Buhari as the masses requested him to do, but some of the citizens who new his value cried for losing him, while some where happy wishing to have a better life ahead.

GoodLuck Regime from 2010 – 2015 was peaceful, except the northerners terrorists group popularly known as Boko Haram which Means (Western education is forbidden), this group of terrorists bomb and kill souls for politics sake.

Their mission according to the leader is to have their own republic and the started their mission by bombing and killing some citizens of the state and communities in Nigeria, mostly from the North using that as point of penetration into the country land.

Boko Haram has about maximum numbers of equipment used in fighting the Nigerians army sent to defend the people. Millions of people have lost their lives on most bombs attacks by this deadly terrorist group.

While campaigning for election I’m 2015, President Mohammadu Buhari promise the people of Nigerian both home and abroad that, if they can vote him as the president or rule them he will stop the killings in the country and make everyone enjoy the human rights they all are fighting for.

Every attention where diverted to him, he was under the APC umbrella even up till date as we speak. He then won the election after the final results was announced to become the active president starting from 2015 when GoodLuck back out for him.

Although some citizens still said they went him as the president but due to how masses have rejected him he have to left the sit for a new changes. Before going he told Nigerians they will remember him some day for good and it seemed that day he promised then has arrived.

One for the thing he promised about his remembrance then was actually freedom and publish speech which the masses are demanding now from Buhari.

Take A Look At the 6 Major Reasons Why Nigerians Will Never Forget GoodLuck Jonathan Regime.


During GoodLuck Jonathan regime from 2010 – 2015, he gave a listening ears to everyone citizens or individual, he visit state to state and allow citizens live and speak up their pains compare to any recent one now. He was one of best president the country has after the death of Yar’Aduda in 2010, having a free and fair right or life to everyone including the able and disable.

2. Project Fulfillment

GoodLuck at his ruling time, period or regime, he struggle through or tired all his best to meet up with his promised or any project for the year if not 70 at least 80 percent to help build and empower the youth. He mostly building or work on others state than his own place or home town to avoid religion critics and back bit during his regime.

3. Facilities & Road.

From the time ruled or governed by GoodLuck Jonathan as of 2010 to 2015 before he step down to the active president on board, he make sure every needed equipments by this organizations either by the Teachers, Hospitals or

companies where made available for their used if not 60 at least 70 percent of it. Good roads working project was one of the best the country enjoyed during his time while still in the presidential sit. All most of it projects was abandoned, die to change in government which Is some how affecting the citizens today.

4. Oil Prices

During GoodLuck Jonathan regime as the president of Nigeria, the price of fuel then was a better price, cheaper and more affordable compare to the present government in power. Although the government has promised to look into the reduction of fuel Price’s but not concluded yet. As of 2010 when he took over from the late Yar’Aduda, the fuel price then was 85 naira in Nigeria money then 0.22 in dollars. Then it was very affordable, cheaper and more convenient compare to the current time or period of the new ruling Power.

5. Transportation;

The world major and daily activities is transportation, without the movement of goods or items or it circulations to every needed area’s, it become expensive or higher to buy or acquire. During the 2010 to 2015 ruling power of GoodLuck Jonathan, things where more cheaper and made available to meet the needs of consumers because of low fuel price which has to do with transportation.

Lest go back to our economics where have the calculation of goods by numbers of available ones, which says the higher the price the fewer the goods, but in this case we have the goods but due to change of government and different ways of ruling, not everyone is capable of getting those items due to high rate of transportations.

6. Dollar Rise

In 2010 when Ex president of Nigeria GoodLuck Jonathan was active, Naira was in good exchange to dollars, then 1 USD was 122 naira according to some online exchange rate agent. Today’s in the dollar and naira market we have 1 USD equal to 381 naira in Nigeria money.
To be sincere with anyone reading this article, this present lost and changes has made all the citizens regrets losing GJ over his good work and intakes of corrections by citizens.

Now with our analysis, we hope we meet up with your value explanations or expectations, if Yes you can rate us by commenting, if No you can also open the comments box and give us your reasons then we make a changes to meet up your demand from us.

With this 6 listed reasons while Nigerians maybe regretting losing GoodLuck Jonathan, 1 or 2 of those listed above is currently the hit regrets our citizens are facing today.

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  1. Goodluck is more better than the current one,we need change in our country change for good

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