July 22, 2024
80 Years Old Tanzania Man Died Having Adult Fun With His 33 Years Old Lover

Just In: An 80 years old Tanzania has reported passed on while having some adult night with his 33 year old buddy thick love in the hotel room.

The 80 years old man whose name is David Mluli said to have hang out in a hotel with his lover identify as Neema Kibaya who happens to be 33 years of age.

The state police has taken quick investigation and found no injury on the death body, but some stains of sperm from the man before he passed out.

Neema Kibaya has been detained for further investigation and proper check before she could gain her release. The news has been viral on social media as you can the see screenshot on how it happen Below.

The incident took place on friday / Saturday morning where the 80 years old man was pronounced death in his hotel room in room 22 in Mbezi Garden.


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