The 2022 FIFA World Cup was an extraordinary football event. The best sport betting only on 1xBet is waiting for you, where the most important football competitions from the entire world can be wagered at any moment.

Argentina won the tournament after playing some electrifying matches. However, things weren’t easy for the South American team. In fact, they were defeated 2-1 in their first match of the tournament against Saudi Arabia. This, at the time, made Argentinian fans quite skeptical about their real chances in the tournament. Currently on 1xBet you can always make sports betting only on the best matches that world football can offer.

The Argentine team was the reflection of a strange occurrence seen in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. While they were the champions, they were unable to completely dominate in the competition. In fact, no team was able to overcome all their opponents.

This can be observed when looking at the final group tables, as no team was able to win their 3 matches of the group stage. This was the first time that something like this happened in a FIFA World Cup. Instead, 3 teams got 7 points after winning 2 matches and drawing 1, which were the Netherlands, England and Morocco.

A difficult competition for all squads
The 2022 FIFA World Cup presented plenty of challenges to all squads who participated in it. Make now online football betting from on all editions of the FIFA World Cup too. Prior to the competition, there were many teams seen as candidates to win the competition, which were:

  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Brazil;
  • and Argentina, which were the eventual champions.

France, for example, had a group that, on paper, allowed them to win all 3 of their group matches. Their rivals were Australia, Denmark and Tunisia. The 1xBet platform allows you to make online football betting from all kinds of devices on those teams too.

They defeated the first 2. However, the European squad was shockingly defeated by Tunisia in the final encounter.
Other disappointments
Germany was another team that disappointed in the tournament. They lost their first match against Japan 2-1 and drew the second one 1-1. You can now discover today IPL betting rate – offers great cricket wagers and bets on football competitions too.

Despite winning their final encounter against Costa Rica 4-2, they were shockingly eliminated from the tournament in the group stage.

On the other hand, Brazil had a great start with victories against Serbia and Switzerland. However, they lost their final match against Cameroon 1-0. Visit 1xBet for discovering today’s IPL betting rate and great football wagering chances too.