Actor, Mustapha Sholagbade’s babymama thanks him for being absent in their son’s life in a birthday post.

Adewumi Fatai, the babymama of popular Nollywood actor Mustapha Sholagbade has taken to social media to thank him for being absent in the son’s life in a birthday post.

Yesterday, January 1st, 2023 actor Mustapha Sholagbade clocks a new age and his baby mama shared his photo on her page and accompanied it with a long note where she called him out under the guise of thanking him. 

In the post, the babymama who is a makeup artist ironically ‘thanked’ the actor for coming to check on their son and for ‘making him feel the fatherly love’ he had shown to his other sons. 

She thanks him for making their son feels his absence most especially when his mates are showing off their dad in school.

She thanked him for always making their son feel fatherless, thereby making the boy feels she is failed mother.

She thanked him for not asking about their son and only sees him 3 times in the year 2022.

She wrote, “Happy birthday owo baba yasir , thank you for always coming to check on your son , thank you for making him feel the fatherly love you showed to your other son’s , thank you for always making yasir feels his daddy absence everytime his mate are showing off there dad in sch , thank you for always making him to ask for his dad jawe Owo baba Yamir , thank you for always come and shoot in our area even if I was there but never bothered to ask me to bring him or call grandma to check on your FIRST SON.

Thank you for always making the boy think I’m a failed mother, thank you for always making him feel like a fatherless child, thank you for always think because he is a Nigerian citizens he means nothing to you,thank you for always make me regret that no matter how you struggle with a man he will never show your child the true definition of fatherly love, thank you for always make my son think he has no father, thank you for not asking of of my President yasir, thank you for seeing him 3times in 2022 

Thank you for not creating that fatherly love and bond yasir needed ,thank you for making him feel motherly , my fam and my friends love only ,thank you for leaving me to play the fatherly and motherly role in all his school parties , no he deserve more from you but you never created that time for you FIRST fruit , tho you do try your best by sending him money which he we appreciate but SIR money is not everything sir ABEFE needs you in his life 🙏.thank you for leaving me alone to fill the gab, thank you so much for not pouring all I did for you to become who you are today on my son ,oshe modupe o gan 🙏 God will give me my own husband that will sees my son as his own and show him the love you failed to show him 🙏🙏 enjoy your new age mr Mustapha sholagbade.

From me your baby mama mummy doctor yasir 🙏🙏🙏
Note : anymother or woman that drop any negative comment on this post or judge me ‘ will see wrath of God in there life in this new year , and anybody that drop any negative comment on this post will not be happy for the rest of there life Amin insha Allah , Amen ijn🙏🙏
I did not write this for anybody to pity yasir or me. Thank you and happy new year😍.”

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