Actress, Regina Daniels Shares Her Husband’s Reaction After Playing Viral “There Is No Mercy For Money” Song For Him (Video)

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has shared her husband Ned Nwoko’s reaction after playing the trending “Billionaire onye di cash” song for him.

The billionaire wife recently jumped on the “Billionaire onye di cash” trend, and her husband’s reaction to the lyrics of the song was quite amusing.

Regina and her husband were in their car when the actress played the song and told her billionaire husband that the track was made for him.

While the song “Billionaire onye di cash, chopping and spending the money” played in the background, Regina moved the camera to show off her husband’s statement ensemble.

Ned Nwoko, who first took his time to understand the lyrics of the song, turned to his wife, removed his glasses, and asked why she thought the track was made for him with a cheeky smile, which led to laughter in the car.


Sharing the video online, she wrote, “I told my husband that this song was made for him.”

Watch video below;