July 22, 2024
Anambra Based Native Doctor Impregnate Pastor Wife.

Anambra Based Native Doctor Impregnate Pastor’s Wife.

Another life events just occurred few hours ago in the city of Anambra state Nigeria where a pastor Wife have been impregnated by a native doctor she went to seek help from.

We received the news about few hours ago and this sound really heart broken, the stuff of women cheating on the husband’s is now getting wide and hard to control in the state.

But in this case, according to some online media, the pastor wife or woman who is now carrying the unborn child of an Anambra based native doctor was said to have been childless since their marriage, they have both been looking for a child untill the wife took another step of it which landed the family later in shame.

The Anambra based native doctor identify as Ebeano Dike is said to be one of the popular state haberlist who get his patronages mostly from the business people who comes seeking for spiritual power to make sells.

He broke out this sad news which is said to be a secret between him and the pastor Wife, after according to the online news media when pastor held the and becomes excited about the good news of his wife been pregnant, this trigger the anger of the native doctor which lead to approach the pastor telling him, he is responsible for the pregnancy and not the pastor.

The sad news has so far gone viral and has been trending on social media and some sourceful informative blogs since it broke out.

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