Angry Yahoo boys track down another Yahoo boys for scamming them(video)

A trending & most interesting video has emerged online and it really making rounds on the internet showing a set of internet fraudsters better known as “yahoo boys” bulling another groups of yahoo boys who allegedly defrauded them of huge amount of money.

The viral video display the moment those yahoo boys where being punished for not beem smart enough to cover their tracks after defrauding them, that was the main reasons why it was soft for the others gang to track them easily.

Those Yahoo boys that where defrauded stripped down and give punishment to the second gang who scammed while they were also beaten for not been smart enough and for taking away their hard working earn.

The video also shows the money corporal punishment where given to two young guys who were half-naked and were paraded by some other guys who happen to be the scam victims with the anger’s hot.

See The Interesting Video Below!