July 25, 2024
ASA - Iba

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Nigerian female music star Bukola Elemide known as ASA born on the 17 of September 1982 in Paris, France, is among one of those Nigerians musician who has lifted the name of the country and this comes this single title “Iba“.

If we are to list female musicians in Nigerian music industry who have much contributed to the success of the industry and lifting the name of Nigeria up, ASA should be in number 4.

She has worked harder than we all expected, with uncountable singles dropping it with albums in back up to her music carrier as well. In terms of awards, she has won big in all round music niche and up till date, she’s still doing well and better.

Her kind of music tells much more about love life, history and people around you. She’s not just a fun musician who tend making money only from their carrier without delivery the right messages to the public, but used it as well to heal the pains in people’s life

Asa on her musical journey has delivery some cool numbers of albums which has this particular one included with all tracks serves best and presented in lovely ways.

I can say, ASA is is historical singer with a a lots of messages passed across to the world, if the music has no message then consider is not from her.

The cool single here is extracted from here Captivator Album is a cool minded project which was recorded under the control of two record label which includes Question Mark Ent / 51 Lex Records, best serve up the album by January 19, 2014.

After request from fans asking for the album which couldn’t be found else where we have set aside this special time to deliver it to your doorstep and by making it present here just for you alone.



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