Blessing Emmanuel biology, occupation and State of origin

Nigerian beautiful Social Media influencer Blessing Emmanuel, one of the celebrity high light who have contributed much in Nigerian entertainment industry for over a period of time now.

Blessing mian focused on the game was a beauty building, a lots of her work has transformed the facial looks of most Nigerian celebrities and still she it keep going till date. She has been awarded in different occasions because of her passion in make up.

Her main aim is giving you and I a good look and a fantastic transformation which she has been doing over the years now. She has worked with a photo media company like Peoples Studio where she meet with a lots of celebrities and Model who help in show casing her more to public.

In October 2019, Blessing further proceed with the idea of her building her own facial beauty (Make Up) company known as BlissBeautyTouch, it’s approximately a year now and she is doing better with even compair to the last or past years.

She is from Akwa Ibom state Ikot okubo offot uyo (lga) local government, born in october 16. Before her interest in Make Up or facial beauty skills, blessing has a known skills as stylist.

Although this skills was a natural gifts, she then further to learn more about the stylist and different ways of making, most Natural hair before development full interest in Make up too.