July 22, 2024
Chief Osita Osadebe - Makojo

Chief Osita Osadebe – Makojo Throwback Single Audio Here For You!!

Chief Osita Stephen Osade is Nigerian music highlife singer popularly recognized almost in the world before his death. The present track which he title “Makojo”,

Was among one of his best single track during his reigning time as of many years ago. His death was a shock to many fans and Nigerians because his ways of doing music won’t be carried out by anyone.

He passed on glorious exist after many beautiful tracks. He was one of the Nigerian leading highlife singer of time. Although he has a competitor, but still wins in all aspects due to his nature way if music then.

We know or think you maybe looking for something special as one of his best song, that’s why we made available this present track single here for you.

In Nigerian music industry, a lots of people pay tribute to the older ones who have done so well in the game, to list along in terms of highlife “Osita Osadebe“, is one of those who carried that tribute glory.

Despite his departure since on the 11 May 2007, no one has been able to fixed in his place. He still remains that hero everyone could wish to have back again in terms of highlife type of music.

Before his death, Chief Osita Stephen Osade wrote the total minimum of 500 tracks, this was made simple because he is a music understand person.

Among all his recorded tracks, the present one here appears to be known because according to some online reviews, it really draws people attention. He is a living Legend that everyone in Nigerian music industry still gonna remember and pay cool attribute to.

Stream below as we deliver to your doorstep the beautiful among all, and best you should hear “Chief Osita Osadebe – Makojo”



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