Divorce shouldn’t be celebrated – Justin Dean shades ex-wife Korra Obidi (Video)

Divorce Is Not Something That Should Be Celebrated – Justin Dean shades ex-wife Korra Obidi (Video)

Doctor Justin Dean, the ex-husband of popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi in a video shared online has silenced her from celebrating her divorce from him, saying there is nothing to be celebrated.

Recall that the relationship between Justin Dean and Korra Obidi hit the rock in April 2022 after the duo welcomed their second child, Athena Dean.

However, on Saturday, November 19th, to rejoice over how the divorce case turned out in court.

According to her, the divorce has been finalized and she is a free woman and hopefully moving on for the sake of her children.

She said: “love is a beautiful thing and I wouldn’t allow her past experience to deter her. I just want us to cheer to victory. I am not going to say what I am not supposed to say because some details are confidential.

“However, this is going to be cheered to the future, to victory and success in the future. Cheers to the past things, to moving on, and to new beginnings. Finalized divorce!!!

“I am a free woman and hopefully moving on in peace for the sake of my children. This wouldn’t be the end of the road for me love wise. I’m still looking for love, love is a beautiful thing and I will not allow these experiences to deter me from finding true love. Divorced!”.

Reacting to her celebratory posts, her ex-husband, Justin Dean knocks her, as he says divorce is a sign of failure.

He added that he would not advise anyone to stay in a toxic relationship, but divorce should not be celebrated.

In his words: “Marriage is something that should be a do or a die affair. When people get divorce, that’s nothing to celebrate, that’s failure and I hate failure.

So if you are celebrating a divorce, personally I think that it means everyone loses. I am not saying you should stay in a toxic relationship and unhappy marriage.”

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