July 23, 2024
Graham D - End Time

Heart touching as Graham D Present a new messages to the world title End Time.

This song tells alot Story about how people are despirate of making money by all Means, and by so doing many has gone the wrong way.

Graham further tell us about about a Food seller who washes her monthly period, use in cooking food to sell out to people just to make money.

And he continue by exposing a pastor who killed and buried people in front of his church with the other of him to obtain members to his church.

Lyrics Quotes

Graham D na my name oooo oh
It’s Graham D Baba
Eh o,eh o

Papa ooo Almighty God
You sure say we go make heaven ooo
Papa oooo Almighty God
You sure say we go make heaven ooo
Papa ooo Almighty God

But make e maramma
Make everywhere maramma
Make e maramma
I want to make heaven and make money
Make e maramma
Make everywhere maramma
Lord make e maramma weh weh
Uuh uuh

Papa na when oooo
When you go make everywhere stew
Na when oooo
Papa na when oooo oh
We already get rice where the stew


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