"He Say Na Only Girls Wey Dey Wear Bone Straight He Dey F**k" - Night Worker Causes Chaos After Her Client Refused To Pay (Videos)

A young Nigerian guy, identified by his nickname as Poco Lee, has made headlines following a clip of him being called out by a sex worker.

In what seemed like a moment of chaos, a yet to be identified sex worker was seeing lamenting and cursing out to Poco Lee after he refused to pay her like they had earlier on negotiated.

In accordance to her words, the young guy had patronized her service and after the night of intense work, he reportedly told her that he doesn’t go intimate with girls that don’t use expensive bone straight wig.

He insulted and tagged her as cheap as he added that he would not pay her the agreed 20k for her service.

The young worker who needed her money so bad, did not mind having a camera to her face as she shouted and cursed him.

It is alleged that she got paid after interventions from people into their chaotic scene.

Watch videos below;