"He want me to stop being a drag queen, he also threaten my life" James Brown speak following issue with colleagues Bobrisky

Here comes another beef between two Nigerian cross-dresser, the junior James Brown and the most senior Bobrisky, as the junior one leaked out what’s causes them issues up till date.

While on an interview “tell-it-all” with British influencer, Woody, Cross-dresser James brown revealed that his senior colleague Bobrisky supported him when building his carrier then along the line want him to stop the job which lead to Bob threatening to kill him if he doesn’t.

He also speak on Bobs net worth, which he said he can’t really give a specific worth of him, his rich but not as he showcase to the public.


And he threatened me that if I continue being James Brown, being a drag queen, you know the princess of Africa, he’s gonna kill me. So that’s how we became enemies,” he said in parts.

Watch him speak below,

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