History How Ilorin Was Founded In 1550

Ilorin was founded by a Yoruba man called Ojo Isekuse in 1650 (and Afonja came into the history in the 1800s ( 1820-23 ).

A few years later given name Ilorin, ibitiwontilorin , where iron is being sharpened or forged bcos of big stone and coinages where every farmer and hunters fine-tune the tools ( cutlass, hoe, and co) in front of a Yoruba man house’s Bamidele. (Any interested ppl can visit Ilorin and ask Ile Bamidele to see the remnants of the historical stone).

Ilorin has never been ruled by any Yoruba Oba but directly under the total control of Alaafin as part of the Oyo empire. Afonja was Are Onakankanfo of Yoruba land (he is not a king although more power than many Obas and only answerable to Alaafin).

Afonja is later part of Ilorin and Oyo his only after many years of existence, not founder

List of all Aare Oba kakanfo of Yorubaland. (Aare doesn’t live in the same town with Alaafin bcos the stool is powerful in Yorubaland and only answerable to paramount & imperial Majesty Alaafin of Oyo)

  1. Kokoro gangan of Iwoye
  2. Oyatope of Iwoye
  3. Oyabi of Ajase
  4. Adeta of Jabata
  5. Oku of Jabata
  6. Afonja of Ilorin
  7. Toyeje of Ogbomoso
  8. Edun of Gbogun
  9. Amepo of Abemo
  10. Kurumi of Ijaye
  11. Ojo Aburumaku of Ogbomoso (son of Toyeje in No 6 above)
  12. Latosisa of Ibadan.
  13. Ladoke Akintola of Ogbomoso
  14. Moshood Kasimawo Abiola of Abeokuta

Alaafin Aole & Aare Afonja case is a pathetic conspiracy and hypocritical one the led to the downfall of the duo. Other chiefs are envious of Afonja and told Alaafin Aole many things. Alaafin Aole has to send Afonja to a death mission to Iwerele( no Aare go into war with Iwerele and come back alive) but Afonja seeks additional spiritual power from Malian Fulani man Sheikh Soliu ( aka Alimi) and won. Before Afonja came back from Iwerele, Alaafin Aole had known the truth. Aole needs to commit suicide bcos Afonja returned and he rained curses on the Yoruba nation. Get details on Alaafin Aole and Aare Afonja b4 u judge, I advised.

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Afonja and Alimi were not King

Abdulsalam first son of Alimi was the first king in the history of Ilorin as the first Emir.

If Ilorin wants to a Yoruba Oba that has never happened before in the history of the city. Who we be the king among 24house that are first habitants of the town? Ojo’s family or Bamidele’s family or Afonja’s family or others??

The reality of the situation is that every Yoruba indigene of Ilorin is Muslims sees Alimi as their alufa/sheikh and agreed to his philosophy of making the town and an Islamic city and we all know spirituality and coronation of Oba are against Islamic teachings.

Only Afonja descendants are thirsty for Oba kingship that has never happened before in the history of Ilorin and av sympathy of mostly non-Muslim Yorubas from other Yoruba towns. Most Muslim Yorubas are happy with Ilorin having an Islamic identity devoid of idols worshipping( by the town but some individuals engaged secretly)

Ilorin is the only town that has all the family houses 100% Muslims ( very few members of families are converted to Christianity)
Ilorin despite being owned by Muslims happily living with Christians.

Ilorin is the only town in Yoruba land that is being ruled by non-Yoruba Oba (Soun, a bariba man ruling Ogbomoso and Yoruba Oba ruling non-Yoruba town( e.g Oba of Benin in Benin, Edo state ruling binis, Ishan and co)

Apart from Yorubas who are first settlers, Fulanis, Hausas, Nupes (tapa ppl), Kanuris (Bornu), kemberi , Yorubas from other towns ( Ile Iwo, Ile baba-Ibadan etc) are stakeholders in Ilorin and play host to other Nigerians and foreigners. Ilorin is a peaceful city, the capital of Kwara state. State slogan is Harmony bcos of peaceful nature of Ilorin and others notable towns.

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Ilorin has possibly and positively impacted Arabic & Islamic knowledge in most Yoruba nations directly or indirectly.
We should eschew stories of disaffection and unnecessary heating of polity. long live Yoruba nation!!!
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