Househelp sacked after being caught on CCTV trying to suffocate her colleagues days after she was employed in Abuja (Video)

A maid has lost her job only few days after she was employed after being caught on camera trying to suffocate her colleague.

The footage, obtained from CCTV cameras installed in the house, shows the maid, ambush her colleague in a secluded part of the house and attempted to strangle to her colleague.

Although its unclear what transpired between the two viral reports that the maid who was employed by a family in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory came to the house with a mission.

An Instagram blog who shared the CCTV footage online revealed that the lady has been relieved of her duty and urged the public to be careful.


“This was sent in a few days ago. In the CCTV video, a new maid is seen trying to suffocate a colleague. Yar aji got a new maid, unknown to her she came with a mission. This is 4 days after she was employed. Yar aji sent us a picture of the culprit for yan aji to be weary and vigilant. She just got sacked and might be looking for a job in Abuja. Mark the face please. ALLAH ya sa mu dace.

Update. She was sacked for fighting but daga baya a ka kalli video din aka ga me ya faru”, the post read.

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