Simple Ways To Avoid Sars And Police Harassment In Lekki (Nigeria)

Nigeria Special Anti-Robbery Squad popularly Known as (SARS) was funded in 1992 by former police commissioner Simeon Danladi Midenda to keep, secure and protect the interest of the citizens and for fighting hidden corruptions.

During those years the Squad where performing excellent and done all jobs according to the leader instructions.

Leading to 2010 till date where the squad turns to be a bulling gang, mostly harrasing young boys who are okay and doing well. Mostly here in Lekki where Sars have becomes so terrible, specializing in arresting, killing and taking advantages of young men who struggle to make a living.

Although most of this Sars harrasing is caused by flashy and expensive things. The squad believe any young man looking good is into Fraud popularly known as (Yahoo).

Now base on our reviews and investigation carried out by some of our media officials, this is happening simply because the young men always look good and flashy without wealth publicity.

To avoid this terrible Squad (Sars) you Most not do the following things as listed below:-

1. Flash Lifestyle:-

If you owned any luxurious items like the new iPhone X or any form of eyes catching items, when going out on any occasion or hackout with friends don’t go along with it, because when you come encounter with Sars on your way, that alone could be enough evidence for you to be arrested by using the street language and tagged you as a Yahoo boy.

2. Dressing Code:-

How you dress also matters, some people have been much harrased, arrested and locked up for the sense of not dressing well. Sars mostly checked how you appears before approaching you, and if your dressing gives them 30 over 100 that shows you are not well organized you will be arrested. This dressing includes hair cut, dying of hair, sags, and so many as you may count or recall.

3. Jobs:-

The kind of jobs you are engaged into do matters alot. Here in Lekki Sars believe any young man who appears good maybe has a dread locks, or wears expensive things is a Fraudster where as that’s not so but this happen due to the rampard leads of Fraudulent activities in the country. To avoid been harrased by this men,you must dress cooperate despite the nature of your job that alone won’t take away the real you.

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