"I Saw Many Girl's Corpses" - Nigerian Lady Recounts How God Helped Her Escape Being Used For Rituals (Video)

A yet to be identified lady recently took to a video sharing app to share her miraculous story on how she escaped ritualists.

According to the lady whose face looks battered from the beating she received, she had boarded a vehicle that unknown to her, were ritualists traps. She was then taken to an unknown destination where she saw many other young girls lying dead.

Read her gist below;

“I was attacked by ritualist by entering into a wrong Keke. They took me to a place I don’t know… I saw many girls which they have been killed so I started crying and praying for help.. that was how they started beating me because I was shouting and praying.. so they continued beating me very hard, but I refuse to stop praying…

Suddenly the Oga told the boys beating me to let me go that I am a bad luck to them. That was how they took me out and even gave me 5k for transport.

My brothers and sisters, it can only be God. Help me thank him. He is a wonderful God”

Wach video below;