"I Saw My Landlord Picking My Used Sanitary Pad From My Dustbin" - Lady Narrates How She Finally Caught Her Landlord Who Has Been Stealing Her Pad From Her Dustbin Every Month

A yet to be identified lady took to the social world to create awareness to social media users after she reportedly caught her landlord who has been taking out her used sanitary pad from her dustbin every night.

Her post read;

I have been worried this few days.. because my trash bin which was normally kept outside would be scattered every morning.. I told my sister and she said it would be a dog or perhaps a cat… I said ok…….

This continued.. it normally happen when am in my period.. I do trash my pad into the bin. 🥺🥺I wasn’t around for like three months . When I came back.. I asked my sister if the trash was still scattered around.. she said no.. I said ok.. but she added saying.. baba Shani the oldest man in my compound kept asking of me… And when I will return..😓😓My sister asked if am having any business with him.. I said no…..

Two weeks later.. my period came.

I was hearing something outside.. 😳😳 I was afraid.. I wanted to go and check.. then I said what if it’s something that will kill me.. I decided to forget and I went back to sleep..😯😯😯In the morning. My trash bin was scattered.. I was angry but swept it …… Another month came.. I waited for it to come..The very last day of my menses I wrapped the pad and threw it in the bin..😧😧😧At night something came.. I told my sister and she escorted me.. I opened the door gently from the front then moved to the backyard..I screamed.. 😱😱😱😱when I saw baba Shani picking things in my bin.. my sister rushed to him.. open the nylon he held.. it was full of pads. 😭😭😭😭😭.My whole neighbors came out … People was shocked.. he was also ashamed.. He has been taking my pad to places I don’t even know…Trash your sanitary pad well..

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