I spend at least N2m per day solving problems — Actress Ashmusy


Popular Nigerian comedian, Amarachi Amusi better known as Ashmusy has sparked reactions among internet users as she disclosed that she spends at least N2M per day solving solving her life problems.

The content creator made this known in a recent post shared via the insta-stories section of her verified Instagram page.

Speaking further, Ashmusy who  acquires a mansion few months ago said that she doesn’t know where bills always come from but at the end she will end up spending at least N2M per day.

Ashmusy wrote; “Please am the only one that spends atleast 2m on life problems per day?

I mean daily.. Is it just me? I don’t know where these bills come from but they surely come They fall like manna from above.. Like boom! They just appear .. Pay 400k for this, 700k for this etc
LikeWhooo whyyy whattttt howwww, everyday.”

See her post below;

As expected Ashmusy claims of spending at least N2M per day generated mixed reactions wile many accused her of lying others shared their contrary opinions. See below;

amina_minaah: Rich kids 😂😂 na you Dey solve Nigeria problem ???

stanbnx: If you want to live long and be happy, Don’t believe everything you see on social media, These people are wonderful.

slim_naya: 2m daily ontop problem, when be say them no lay curse on you?? 😂😂😂😂

_callme_fatima_: Mark should delete Nigerians female celebrities on IG 🙏.

ella_smart_chinyere: I just spent 90m on one chocolate biscuit I bought at shoprite yesterday 😢.

ysabel_avril: Emiliano rora!!!

jaywonjuwonlo: Na only you ooo.

som_miles: God Bless real and genuine hustlers who struggle to put food on their tables. My eyes are not open for all these social media fake lifestyles.