July 25, 2024
“I will frame your picture in my room, you’re an icon” -Nigerian man writes long epistle on Hushpuppi

A die-hard of Nigerian big boy, Ramoni Abass Igbalodely, an Instagram influencer popularly known as Ray Hushpuppi is out with a self determination.

Currently his WhatsApp status making the wave mrounds on social media platforms. As the unknown Nigerian man has vowed to frame Hushpuppi’s picture in his room and to tell his children on how much HushPuppi has gained the legendary art during his life time.

He further said that Hushpuppi is not a saint as many renowned faces the world celebrates but he lifted his family out of deadly poverty and that is an act worth emulating regardless of whatever he’s done or the crime Fraudulent he is been guilty of.

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