Ice Prince - Fire Of Zamani (Album Review)

Ice Prince – Fire Of Zamani (Album Review)

I am not one for making comparisons between artiste especially because everyone seems to approach music from the depths of who they are and the influences of their immediate environment. All I seek from listening to an artiste is to get a grasp of wellspring from which such music is coming from.

Ice Prince Zamani as he is popularly known among his fans just gave the whole world a piece from his wellspring of music titled “Fire Of Zamani”; the name of the album is said to be the name of his clothing line to; so business wise, Ice Prince seems to be doing well to expand his tentacles.

The album has tracks that have already received wide air play as singles such as “Gimme dat”, “Aboki”, and “More”….. and then brand new additions like “Mercy”, “Whiskey”, “N-word” etc. We have some tracks produced by Sammy Gyang, and a particular track produced by “Don Jazzy” while the rest were produced by “Chopstix”.
Much for introduction, lets move on!!!

1. Stars and Light Ft Ruby Gyang
Lots of input by the Gyang family on this track I must say. We have Sammy, then Jeremiah and also Ruby. The album starts with this track that kind of sounds like the JayZ/Alicia Keys-Empire State of mind. Great progression on the song itself and the guitar gives it that rock feel as Ice Prince introduces his album and gives props to those that deserve it. (even though I think it should come at the end ) Ruby delivers the hook with a good voice but she could have done more with the “ajasas” on the rap verses. 7/10

2. Skit by MC Long
Err……..translation from English to Hausa, the Hausa translation must have been very funny because it got the audience squeaking in laughter.

3. Aboki.
Do I need to say more about this track. It has been around for a really long while as it has even topped charts in Nigeria as the first single from this album. The comical lines from Ice Prince and the combination of the “drums” with the “horns” makes this track very groovy. lets not forget the sounds from the traditional Hausa strings. 8/10

4. My Life
This is a very decent track. I think Ice Prince has found that delight in rapping in “pidgin” English and I appreciate the delivery actually sounds slightly different; for those of us that think his delivery of Aboki and VIP were kind of similar. if you listen to this song long enough, you begin to sing it loud…….****my life**** 6/10 #Ice Prince – Fire Of Zamani (Album Review)#

5. Mercy Ft Chip
Ice Prince tries to touch on every sub-genre of modern hiphop….pop flavored, dancehall flavored and even highlife flavored. This falls in the dancehall flavored division and chip delivers a decent verse on the track too. 6/10

6. Whiskey Ft Sunny Neji
Horns and guitar usher in this highlife flavored rap music, it would have been lovely it was a love song and could be played at weddings and things like that, then that way Ice Prince can get wedding performances too. the track is matured and can easily be loved by older people. Sunny Neji’s voice would always stand out anywhere, and on this track it does even though his verse was not very long. 7/10

7. N-Word
Don Jazzy on the beats!!! southern style hiphop, the kind you will find from Rickross, DJ Khaled and their crew but delivered in pidgin English. I am not sure if it was my listening device but I kind of thought the sound production was oscillating a little bit too much, but maybe that is how it is suppose to be. 7/10…****close your eyes and imagine it was Olamide or Phyno or LordV rhyming to this monstrous beat…choi!! #Ice Prince – Fire Of Zamani (Album Review)#

8. Jambo
Very dance-able track with similar delivery with VIP and Aboki. Even when the beats is utterly different, Ice Prince still brings us back to that Aboki feel….5/10

9. No Die Tomorrow
I saw a tweet where someone said this was his favorite track, I was looking forward to hearing it. Well…it is okay! reggae/dancehall feel though……..uses one of its verses to address some of the social issues that plagues his home country.(Nigeria) 6/10… the strength of this track is the beat IMO.

10. Gimme Dat Ft YungL, BurnaBoy and Olamide
I am a big fan of collaborations because it allows us to listen to same track from the perspective of the different artiste on the joint. I like this track and I think it is a good one……Olamide however went in on the track like it was a freestyle, his entry was perfect but it dimmed out towards the end of the verse. Nice one 8/10

11. Komotion ft Wizkid
Delivery was completely different on this one from Ice Prince which got me on high alert. The reggae feel to the entire song makes it even more enticing. Beat was correct! 7/10

12. Person Wey Sabi
You remember the track on ELI where he featured Wizboyy? Here is something similar….Highlife with all the horns and the percussion. Decent track 6/10

13. Kpako Ft MI, Jesse
I like this track……I listened to it with a smile on my face as I anticipated the collabo of the “Jos boyz”; MI is freaking talented……choi!! you need to listen to this….his transition between voice scenarios is fantastic; Jesse is good sha ooo……7/10

14. Pray Ft Sound Sultan
Another “OK” track, typical entry by sound sultan…..almost a “galala” feel to the song too. 6/10

15. More
I heard more a long time ago, and I loved it including its video. The beat was produced by chopstix and I do think its decent…..a rappers way of singing love! 7/10

16. On My Knees Ft Jeremiah Gyang
Where did Jeremiah Gyang go to since all these days sef……he had such an inspirational season with “Barka Zuchi Allah”; ok this is about Ice Prince and not Jerry…..its a Hausa track so a bunch of the words I did not understand, that kind of song you listen to in your car, sing aloud and bump your head. 7/10

17. Tipsy Ft Wale and Morell
Pretty core hip hop on this track , this is one rapheads would scream “fire”….. Iceprince still maintained his delivery style but dang……But Wale probably pushed the track to another level. The banging is banging too with Morell on the hook. 7/10

18. I swear Ft French montana
This track has been on the airwaves way before the album and it was one of those tracks that made peoples expectation for the FOZ album skyrocket. He had his typical punch lines on the track, i however did not know what to expect from “brother french montana” on this track but i think he did pretty well considering the fact that he might not be very familiar with the nigerian music audience. 8/10

I really did not know what to expect from Ice Prince on this album so I kind of opened my heart to its collaborations after listening to pre-release tracks likes “I swear”, “Aboki Rmx”; and they all did a good job; Olamide, Burnaboy, YungL, MI, Jesse and co. If I was going to pick a favorite, then it is going to be “Whiskey”.

Let me mention that this evaluation is indeed my opinion. You should all listen and grade the music yourselves. Those criticizing this album seem to forget that Ice Prince is a commercial rapper, he is not interested in throwing punchlines that will make rapheads go “hooooooo”, the album cuts through modern sub-genres on nigerian music and gives us something we can relate and dance to.

Ice Prince – Fire Of Zamani (Album Review).