“I’m not coming to your house again” – Mr Macaroni informs Falz after being chased by his dog (Video)

Famous Nigerian comedian and comic actor Debo Adedayo known better as Mr Macaroni was given a hot chase by a dog when he visited Falz’s home.

Taking to his Twitter page, the comedian revealed that he didn’t know that he could run as fast as he did when the dog gave him a chase.

Mr Macaroni, still recovering from the experience, has vowed not to visit Falz home again after the encounter.

He wrote:

”Dog pursued me today. I didn’t know I could ever run as fast as I did
Why do Dog owners lie that their dog is just trying to play. A dog is chasing me and barking at the same time. Idg, Is he coming to hug me?

See the Dog here. @falzthebahdguy I’m not coming to your house again 🌚”

Watch the video below:-