“I’m traumatised” – Nigerian married woman whose husband was reportedly shot after she refused Burna Boy’s advances in a Lagos club gives full details (Read)

The Nigerian married woman whose real name is yet to be known has publicly comes out to give full details on what actually happened in Cubana Club, June 8 leading to the shoot of her husband by singer Burna Boy attached police force.

According to the report, the popular Nigerian and Grammy Award winner Burna Boy threw a massive passed at a married woman who was in the club with her husband for fun-sake, which triggered the man to speak.

Thus leas to some misunderstanding between the two parties (Burna & The Woman Husband) which in return the husband was shot and brutalized.

Taking to her Instagram story, the lady with the username Nemebriella has come out to narrate the full details and how the incident reportedly took place.


“We were visiting Nigeria from America and London for our childhood friends wedding on the 8th of June 2022, @burnaboygram and his friends opened fire at us in Cubanalagos. My partner and his friend were shot, with both needing urgent medical care. A bullet grazed my partners head and our friend was shot in the thigh, leaving him hospitalized and needing an emergency surgery in Nigeria.” She wrote in part.

Read her full story,

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