It's an actual infection, so disturbing - Video trends as lady private oozes out maggots after enhancing backside through BBL (Watch)

“It’s an actual infection, so disturbing” – Video trends as lady private oozes out maggots after enhancing backside through BBL (Watch)

A video is making the rounds on social media where a lady private oozes out maggots after enhancing her backside through BBL.

Obviously, Brazilian Butt Lift/ surgically increasing the size of  backside by ladies is one of the trending conversations among them nowadays as many of these women paid so much attention to it.

While few engages in it to boost their confidence after achieving the kind of body they want, most went through the knives so as to boost the chance of being attracted to men as they believed that having a heavy bum-bum is a way through the hearts of most men.

However, in the viralclip. a lady was seen lying helplessly on the bed with many maggots rushing out of a private after going through surgery to enhance her backside.

According to the lady, she decided to enhance her backside because of the peer pressure in the society.

However, all effort to reach the doctor who performed the surgery on her has been absolutely nothing but futile as he is nowhere to be found despite being in a serious uncomfortable state.

As expected, the video has generated mixed reactions among netizens, while some said it might be staged, others noted that it’s an actual infection called vag!nal myasis.

Watch the video below;

See  reactions below;

chuksunnyside: The attention women are giving to their bombom if they give it to their brain Dey will fit NIGERIA.

kemiliciousbeauty:  Real or acting the message has been passed..

mc_mula: It’s an actual infection. It’s called vagina myiasis.

hodinitiatives:  I remember vividly growing up, my Guardian always says, I am sorry for this your generation. If it’s not Lipo, it’s drugs, it’s yahoo, it’s frat, it’s politicians and their corruption. Hmmmm. Gods wrath eh.

iam_abisola__: Ass you can get while going to the gym and doing the right exercises 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.

bolaji_pop: And ladies will still watch this and not stop this “olosho” work….. you guys are risking your life out there…… its dangerous out there, people are getting fetish with everything all in the name of getting wealthy…… Even guys patronising oloshos are not safe… ladies are getting fetish with it by using guys that sleeps with them……. its crazy world full of desperation…… lets be wise.

_mokesioluwa:  That’s enough internet for today.

oluwadamilola_abekeade:  What nonsense is this🤮🤮🤮And I’m eating noodles oo😫😫😫E no go better for you ooo😭😭.

alabi.adedapo:  Could this be real?

onosmelvin05:  Dem don use this one.