Ladies Need To Know There’s Nothing Wrong With Wooing A Man – Singer, Ugoccie

Ladies Need To Know There’s Nothing Wrong With Wooing A Man – Singer, Ugoccie.

Nigerian songstress, Ugochi Anosike, popularly known as Ugoccie, has said that there is nothing wrong with women making advances at men.

She made the comment during an interview while recalling how she once asked a guy out and he agreed to date her.

The ‘Do You Really Like Me’ crooner said the relationship worked out well for the period they were together.

Ladies need to know there’s nothing wrong with wooing a man – Singer, Ugoccie – ugoccie
Ugoccie said; “I have told someone that I liked him before. I told him because most of the time people have this notion that if a lady walks up to someone and says she likes him, she is cheap. If one doesn’t tell a guy about his feelings, how is the guy supposed to know?

“It is not always in the place of a man to make approaches. I feel every lady should walk up to a guy and express her feelings. If any guy turns me down, it is fine, at least I tried. I once asked out a guy who did not say no and the relationship worked. However, the guy and I are no longer together (laughs).”

The petite singer also revealed that she once gave a guy some money she was supposed to give to her family.

“At that point, my family needed the money. I had absolutely no reason to give the money to that guy. The guy and I are not together anymore,” she said.