Lady Reveals The Shocking Question A Man She Met Three Days Earlier Asked Her While They Were Getting To Know Each Other Via Chat (Screenshot/ Audio)

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share a conversation she had with a man she just met.

The lady, identified on Twitter as @Cheche, revealed she had just met the man three days earlier and shared the shocking question he asked her as they got to know each other.

In the chat, the man asked her to tell him about herself, and in response, she told him to ask specific questions that she would provide answers to.

The man then asked her about her menstrual cycle. “How long does your menstrual cycle last”, he asked.

Startled, the lady asked why he thought it was appropriate to ask her about her menstrual cycle despite just meeting her.

“Who asked someone you barely know about their menstrual cycle just like that ?”, she said.

When she expressed her shock, the men sent her a voicenote explaining that she shouldn’t take his harmless question so seriously.

According to him, he should be allowed to ask her any kind of question in the process of getting to know her.

See chat screenshot below;

Watch video below;