A Nigerian businesswoman has warned prospective couples to only accept monetary gifts at their wedding occasions and should expressly state this on their wedding cards.

The lady’s warning came after she shared a story of how a wedding gift in the form of a clock made her married friend encounter miscarriages as well as chronic setbacks in her marriage

Lady Narrates how a clock gift received by her woman on her wedding had been the cause of her marriage woes

They ignored the first revelation According to the story shared by @instablog9ja on Instagram, it happened that the lady’s mum had called at their residence in Port Harcourt because her Anglican church had a programme in the state.

The mother-in-law had beckoned on her daughter and son-in-law to accompany her to the event. The husband turned the invitation down and instructed his wife to accompany her mother instead.

The narrator stated that in the course of the church programme, the preacher had revealed to the married woman that the reason for problems in her marriage is as a result of a gift they received at their wedding. This warning was said to have been dismissed because the pastor wasn’t specific.

A second warning, months later, the married woman and her mum attended the same church programme and surprisingly got the same message from the preacher only that it was more specific this time. The preacher informed the lady that a clock gift they received was responsible for their marital woes.

On getting home, the couple reportedly broke the clock and prayed after which things got better for them.

The narrator stated that it was discovered that a person from the wife’s family had masterminded the monitoring clock as the evil doer wasn’t happy with how the lady got married properly, that is, with no child out of wedlock and wedded a fine man.

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