Lady shares what will happen if Nigerian girls start using guys for rituals

In the wave of the regular reports of ladies being used for money making rituals by young men, Especially men they have relations with looking to make quick money, a Nigerian lady has revealed what she things will happen if the headline goes vice-versa

Taking to the Micro-blogging plarform, Twitter, she revealed that guys in Nigeria will become extinct if ladies decide to start indulging in fetish practices. She believes it can be so because of how easy it is for a lady to lure a guy into a nest, by using the most ordinary things.

In her tweet; “Walai if girls start ritual, all the guys for Nigeria go just go. Na just simple come to my house I am alone, naso femi don go.”

Her tweet has dragged a truck load of reactions from netizens who seconded her. Some even shared that there are some ladies who actually do these things and all they have to do is just sleep with the guy and his destiny is gone, an information that is indeed true.

See tweet below;

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