Sylvester Oromoni Biography: Age, Death, School, Parents, Siblings & Killers

Late Sylvester Oromoni Jr Biography: Age, Death, School, Parents, Siblings & Killers (Sylvester Oromoni Jr Biography!)

In New search, people are asking who is Sylvester Oromoni?,On this page you could know about him, his death and the causes.

Sylvester Oromoni is a 12 years old Dowen College student born in 2009 who died mysteriously on Tuesday, 30 of November 2021 leaving his parents and others siblings heart broken.

The late Sylvester Oromoni young man spend a short period of time here on earth between 2009 – 2021 where he passed on leaving history at Dowen College as one of the students who was assassinated for refusing to join cultism group.

Sylvester has been bullied by those cult group servally in the school and refused talking because he was Issued a death threat including others students at his hostel if they should talk.

Late Sylvester Oromoni Jr Biography Profile

  • Full name: Sylvester Oromoni Junior
  • Date of birth: December 4th, 2009
  • Died: Tuesday, November 30, 2021.
  • Age: He died at the age of 12. He is 12 years old.
  • Place of Birth: Nigeria
  • School he attended: Dowen College, Lekki – Nigeria

What Lead To Sylvester Oromoni Death At Age 12?

The young deceased is a student of Dowen College, a school located at Lekki, area of lagos state where some of the students are said to be a deadly cultist who bullied students mostly especially that of Sylvester Oromoni, which lead to his young age sudden death.

What Was Dowen College Response Before His Death.

At a point where Sylvester Oromoni was still in the school hospital battling for his later lost dear life, his school officially released a statement implying that he wasn’t bullied rather he sustained and injury while playing ball.

The statement was later debunked by his best friend, who later clarify that his was beaten by some school cult group for refused joining them.

Late Sylvester Oromoni sisters, brothers and relatives.

Perry Oromoni is the cousin to Late Sylvester, while Amira Oghenetejiri is the elder sister to sylvester. They’re are said to be 9 in numbers, losing Sylvester which in approximately other left them 8 in total.

What Happen to Sylvester Oromoni Killers.

The 5 students involved in Killing of Sylvester have been flown abroad for a hide, this comes after his death news surfaces the internet and before gus death, he mentioned 5 names but yet to be released.

What Substance Killed Sylvester Oromoni?

According to Warri pathologists Who carried out the test after his death, it a yet to be identify black liquid sustancs which he was given to drink during the cult initiation process.

What was Sylvester Oromoni health condition before he passed on?

Sylvester Oromoni was in a bad health state or condition before his death, he suffered a broken and bend waist and couldn’t walk.

Sylvester Oromoni Net Worth.

His net worth wasn’t disclosed then, he is still a young schooler with zero unannounced richness level.