Reports has it that the state government cleared the suspects as well as the school following the Legal Advice of the Director of Public Prosecution, DPP, Ms. Adetutu Oshinusi.

This means, the school and the teenage boys accused of killing her son have been vindicated: a decision that appears to spell an end to the calls for justice by the deceased family.

Amid this, the downhearted mother of the 12-year-old lost her composure in the now viral video, as she lays curses on those responsible for her son’s death.

“God arise and cut short the lives of those who cut short the life of my son,” she reiterated as she burst into tears.

A video showing the mother of the late Sylvester Oromoni bursting into tears on account of her son’s death has evoked emotions online. While some consoled her, others joined her in laying curses and others promised to keep the fight for justice going.

Watch the video below;

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