The video of a boy who reacted with a strong face when he was woken up from sleep has stunned TikTok users.

In the short but interesting video posted on TikTok by Tihesha Carter, the baby boy was busy enjoying his morning sleep when a noise from mum woke him up.

His facial expression said a whole lot in the video that has stunned social media users. It shows that he was woken up when he did not want to.

Watch the video below:




Reactions from TikTok users

Here a few of what TikTok users are saying about the video in the comment section.

@Krista Scruggs said:

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“He wants you to leave him alone.”

@Denise commented:



“I don’t blame him, it’s too early to be that dam,n happy.”

@nerdy jay reacted:

“He looking at you like you woke him up on his off day.”

@Lionesstoyou said:

“The silence was loud.”

@Ifwlee_ said:



“It’s okay everybody ain’t a morning person.”

@Alexis reacted:

“Non verbal communication in point.”

@Britneynicolew said:

“How I look when someone tries to talk to me in the morning.”

@8teenWhEElEr_WOLF said:



“Exactly how a truck driver wakes up.”

@Lynee_Monae said:

“Enough is enough.”