Lil Frosh Is The First African / World Popular Artist With The Shortest Record Label Deal In History.

Nigerian young popular hip pop rapper and songwritter Sanni Goriola Wasiu who embraces fame in late 2019 with the stage name Lil Frosh is one of the African / World

music history breaker with the shortest record label deal, signed in on September 24 2020 and later got terminated on the 6th of October that same year.

Before he was officially signed to DMW music gang, lil frosh became Popular after making a couples of freestyles on Instagram together with Zinoleesky as the both acted as back bone to each other’s then.

Nigerian quickly picked up good attentions on Lil Frosh where he started getting a helping hand from Nigerian top celebrities and was signed into Aloma Music Worldwide (AMW), a label acting as junior music group under DMW owned by David Adeleke popularly known as Davido.

While under AMW he recorded a couples is Single which trend him good recognition in Nigeria music industry. Lil frosh started with a good benefit as joined on a music tour, shows and was taken to USA where he meet with Migos the American popular hip hop singers.

He’s deal with AMW later bridged away, according to the storyline published publicly, the deal was bridged because Aloma Music Worldwide failed to fulfilled he’s promised as listed on the signed deal.

Signing of Lil Frosh to DMW took place after Aloma who was a Personal Adviser to Davido was sacked and replaced with new Adviser due to rules break and his failure to comply with his duty.

After the star signed new deal with Davido Music Worldwide, he took to his social media handles to announced he’s new glory and why he migrated to deal with the label.

Approximately 12 days after embracing the deal he was later unsigned from the label by the CEO and management for going beyond the label rules and regulations.


Lil Frosh was signed into DMW on the 24th of September 2020 and his contract with the label was terminated on the 6 of October the same year, because Lil frosh physical assaulted his girlfriend, beating her to stupor and this is against the label rules.

As the story surfaces online, a lots of hidden truth as if I my say was exposed leading that Frosh’s girlfriend was actually cheating on him with the best friend HotKid Who’s signed to Dr Dolor’s entertainment.

Throwback to when Lil Frosh was an Instagram Freestyler before getting his glory, HotKid usually acted as his backup person to style the video background with a better look. Few time after Frosh got he’s deal, HotKid was also singed but not

acknowledging there old time friendship Kid choose Frosh girl over the young ladies in the globe. A video of them having nice moment together in his car surfaces online which made Lil Frosh started having a less trust in his partner.

Frosh kept this on his black list record until that bad and sad day where the both have done misunderstanding and used it with anger to beat her up leading her having a disabled facial look. That was the social media explanation to the coursed of the home violet between the two lovers.

After a little recovery, the talented beautiful born model a lover to Lil Frosh identify as Gift Camille took to her Instagram story to aligned accordingly what happened between her and the boyfriend and her explanation has nothing to do with her hook up with Dr Dolor’s entertainment singer HotKid.


According to gift, on the very day the heart breaking incident occurred, she was on phone with her friend When Lil Frosh came into the house requesting her to help turn on her Hotspot that he want to have a brief conversations with his mum’s lawyer.

But she took a little time to still on the call she then asked Frosh to be calm while she is holding up the the call, lil frosh who wasn’t patient enough asked her who’s on the phone with her she said her friend then he started shouting asking her to cut the call, the friend hearing this picked and offense hiss and ended the call.

Lil Frosh had her arrogance and the way she acted on the phone before ending the call decided to call back and warned her with anger while insulting Gifts friend she then insulted him back telling him she not his girlfriend that he should never shout at her again.

Frosh anger grow worst as he approaches Gift with a wide act beating her for not defending him and for keeping short while her friend talks back at her. Even when on a phone call with Gift friend, Lil Frosh threaten her with Death threat, telling her she would lost her life for playing with death.

The intelligent friend to Gift, quickly put her phone on recording and take down every words Lil Frosh was saying to her as an evidence.

Then according to the screenshot given by Gift while explaining what actually happened, the friend wrote to her that she has already taken down everything the boyfriend said (Lil Frosh) and she is reporting it to the police and her family has already knows about it, that if anything eventually happens to her the boyfriend and Gift herself will be held responsible.

The sad story surfaces on social media and the label who happens to be one of the biggest music house in Africa couldn’t withstand the public embarrassment, left with no choice than to terminate Lil Frosh 12 days old contract from the group.

Although he later regret his actions For beating Gift to stupor, begged for forgiveness and for them to reconcile and come back as before but it seemed it was all too late for him then. Lil Frosh lost his contract due to this particular issues and sad to say.