July 25, 2024
MC 3M Biography, State Of Origin & Carrier Details.

Nigeria born talented hype man known as MC 3M is currently one of the winning hype man in Nigerian with much shows done with a lots of too Nigerian artists.

3M has earlier started his carrier back from his home town, then later landed in Lagos where the became more recognised and did a lots of shows including promoting upcoming artists as well.

His carrier so far has been blessed, with uncountable show’s with top Nigerian musicians like, Slimcase, Flex B, Ubreezy Abobi, Oba Dice, and many more as we can list.


Mc 3M real name is “Manice Ayo Moses” with a stage configuration as 3M, currently used as his business name.


Mc 3M is from “Cross River State”, mainly Obubura local government area of the state, where the people are used huge cultivation of massive food.


Mc 3m mission in entertainment industry is not mainly on the MC of Hyping job alone, he also has a great mission of uplifting others entertainers up as well.

Mostly in Nigeria, the star HypeMan & MC has done a good and wonderful work, by organizing shows in most part of the country like Lagos, Abuja, Jos and Mina where he has at least lifted some set if entertainer to certain stage.


Right Now, we can’t really tell about his worth, according to him, he want most thing’s about him now to keep hidden due to some personal reasons.

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