“My Dad made Lagos more comfortable for Igbos and their businesses, but they suddenly choose to be betray him – Bola Tinubu’s daughter

“My Dad made Lagos more comfortable for Igbos and their businesses, but they suddenly choose to betray him – Bola Tinubu’s daughter

Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, daughter of Nigerian politician Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has in a recent interview reveal what her father did for Igbos living in Nigeria.

According to her, the comfortable environment Igbos are enjoying in lagos is all thanks to her father and without him there would be no Igbos is Lagos State.

She went on further to explain that most Igbo have also made billions of naira in lagos which is also all thanks to her father.

In her words:
“The conducive environment you see today in Lagos that Igbos are enjoying while doing their businesses were put in place by my father, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu.

“These people left their home town and we accepted them wholeheartedly in Lagos State, provided all they needed yet they are not grateful. Instead they keep atta¢king my father at any slightest opportunity.

“Without this man, there will be nothing like Igbos in Lagos State. They made their billions here. Some of them don’t even know their hometown anymore because they now prefer Lagos than where they are coming from.

“Now, it’s time for them to reciprocate the kind gesture my father has shown to them over the years by supporting his Presidential ambition, they now resort to bla¢kmail and all sorts of atta¢ks on the person that made them whom they are in Lagos State today.

“They locked up their shops just to get their PVCs something that has never happened before just because my father is contesting for the President of this country. Simply because they don’t want him.

“We have toler@ted their excesses for so long now, therefore the earlier we put them in their position, the better. We are watching them closely because if you are in Rome, you must respect, adore and support the culture of the Romans and whatever they are doing.
You can’t be in Rome and be against the Romans.