July 25, 2024
My Father has been having affair with me and my mother knows about it (Video)

My Father has been having affair with me and my mother knows about it (Video)

A Nigerian lady simply identify as Fatima Usman has openly accused her biological father of having sexual intercourse with her countless time.

Fatima who is said to be a 20years old lady from Owo, Ondo state in Nigeria, when speaking with the government officials, has openly accused her father of wrong sexual immorality with her.

On the interview, Fatima disclosed that when ever the father attempt sleeping with her and she refused, he could rather chased her out and let her sleep outside of the house or when ever he subsided he could be making love with her having a knife by his side.

With her explanations, Fatima has been living in fears of death threat from her father who could take her dear life if she refused him to sleep with her.

While still on set with the government officials, she also disclosed that, when ever this incident is about to take place and she runs out, the mother won’t feel guilty of anything or even plead with the father to let her in, that night she will end up sleeping outside the house.

Her description shows that the mother knows what is going on between her and the father, but she has refused taking actions, sometimes she could be inside while the father have s*x with her.

As she continues with her bad experience in the house, to make sure she is alright and to be sure of what she’s saying, one of the government officials interviewing her then asked, 2 + 2 and she said 4, that means Fatima is 100% sure of what she is saying.

She has been asked to lay down her mind in what she want, and she seek for the government to fight for her right. Fatima father has so far been identified as Usman Momoh Sani, a worker in a tertiary institution in the state.

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Article:- My Father has been having an affair with me and my mother knows about it (Video)

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