The fashion police are on the trail of Skit maker Ada Jesus aka Nons Miraj after a recent video of her leaked on social media.

Ada Jesus posted a video of herself grooving and dancing to the popular song “Caution” (Bum Bum Remix) by Shoday featuring Skibii.


However, it appears that the nature of her clothing has gotten a lot of people heated up.

She appears bare-chested in the video, dressed in a glittering black gown with a waist-high opening on the side.

The outfit appeared to have revealed more than fans wanted to see as she twerked while advertising for a business.

Ada’s fans and followers are shaming her after seeing the video of her showing off her movements, with many criticizing her revealing clothing.

Some reactions are listed below:

There’s nothing left..just open everything’make we know say u dey craze…😢😢

Are you depressed? Your style is getting out of hand, them say make we check up on the happy people on IG 🙌

Lol. Be like skit no work again, na ig big boys we dey find now 👏

I just wonder if you have family atal that are watching you..??
Shame on you ..!
Keep disgracing yourself on net..!
Soon.. you will understand what you have just done to yourself

You don’t need to sell your body in order to advertise 1xBet 👏

Naked weapon 🙌

Al these your nonsense dressing Na why them no gree verify you! Go see kiriku! Dey there!! Just dey play

If you here for the comments lets line up here biko

@nons_miraj you ain’t passing a good message to the public with your outrageous dressing. There should be moderation to your dressing as a content creator. What kind of message are you passing to the public? 😢😢