Nigerian lady narrates experience with elderly man in her street

A young Nigerian lady has shared her experience with an elderly man who she said, he is living close to her street.

The young lady has further give an exclusive details about the man which she thinks sharing with the public could be beneficial.


“There’s this man who lives very close to my street and whenever I pass, he’d refer to me as “my wife”.

This has been happening since I was a small child of about 8 years old.

Since I finished university and came home to work, he now says – “my wife”…. Then after I smile, he’d ask me – “I hope you’re ‘still a virgin.”

He’s very close to my dad and whenever I report to my father about it, he will just smile and will never say anything serious about the matter.

Until a day came, I was passing with my dad and he repeated the same thing “my wife I hope you are still a virgin”. To my surprise, my father smiled with him and did not move a muscle.

I began to shout for the man and my father attacked me. Asked me to leave the place immediately and stop being disrespectful. I was confused. How can a father behave this way with his own daughter?

It has been running through my mind till just three weeks ago when my father woke me up in the middle of the night, telling me how the man’s son wants him to travel to UK to meet him, and he wants to marry me immediately before travelling with me (His wife is dead).

What came out of my mouth was Tufia. This is someone that is old enough to be my grandfather. And right now I have honestly lost all the respect I have for my dad”.