Nigerian Lady Storm Mountain Praying For Hush Puppi Released.

Nigerian Lady Storm Mountain Praying For HushPuppi Release

On the early hours of today, a yet to be identify Nigerian lady has went viral on social media showing the very moment she storm the mountain praying for the release of a popular Nigerian Dubai based Instagram influencer HushPuppi.

HushPuppi real name is Raymond Igbalode Abbas who was arrested some date in June in Emirates Empire (Dubai) for stealing roughly the Sum of $124 million from the US government.

Ever since his arrest, the star has been off from world limelight and still on await trial till 2021 before his cased will be judge.

As love goes around the world, this cool beautiful Nigerian lady became viral and trending on media today for taking into a prayer ground calling on the creator for the released of star.

As his case still remain in the US custody, it’s seemed the world has all forgotten about Abbas who used to motivate everyone in the past, but this lady sound it best as he remember the influencer taking back the mind of everyone to pray for his released.

She has all done her best, but according to the US court custody, HushPuppi could be facing 21 years in prison for cyber crimes, money laundering and others things he is fine guilty of.

Although currently the pictures is sparking enough and cool reactions from Nigerians all round the media platforms, some hail the lady for being real while some blast her over trying to cover up the sin of star by praying for him.

Even with all her doings, the only thing that can reach out to the star right now is a save prayer, because since his case was adjust to next year, no one has being able to reach or communicate with him.

This was the last picture he posted on his IG account 6 June 2020 before he was arrested, accordin to fans views, the lifestyle of the super Instagram influencer and show oof currently landed him into this big shit.