Nigerian law firm threatens to withhold salaries of employees without a PVC

A law firm in Anambra state has revealed out plans to hold the salaries of their employees said to be without a Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

A lawyer with handle @itzmunachi took to Twitter to share a copy of the internal memo released to this effect.

The firm declared June 9 and 10 as a work-free day for their employees to go register and get their PVCS ahead of the general elections in 2023.

According to the memo, anyone who doesn’t have a PVC will not be paid salary from henceforth.

Read the memo below,

Nigerian law firm threatens

This has sparked tons of reactions from netizens who opined that it’s not a good move because they are literally threatening their employees.

@okike_ wrote,

“Law firm but you’re trampling on people’s fundamental human right? I think a better way would have been to incentivize it for them. Give everyone who presents their PVC with as little as 1,000 and watch magic happen”

@tireni_codeguru wrote,

“God will provide better job for anyone that works in this kind of organization.”

@meenah_j wrote,

“Yh this isn’t the way. Withholding people’s salary is not just extreme buh callous.”

@ogar_godwin wrote,

“Extremism at play.

This can easily result to law suit. You can’t force someone to vote. I highly doubt PVC registration was a term in the contract of employment.

The principal, being a lawyer should know better.”