Nigerian man nabbed after digging a grave in his room in an attempt to bury his victim alive

A Nigerian youth man has been brought under fire and brimstones with the law and from people after he was caught haven dug a grave in his room in an attempt to bury his victim alive for the purpose of money ritual.

Reports had it that the suspect the grave dug in his room to bury his victim alive was part of a ritual process, but as good fortune would have it, the victim was able to escape and he alerted the neighbors.

In the video where his plot wss revealed, eyewitnesses were heard saying the man wanted to do the ritual because he wanted to buy a new car.

The incident reportedly happened at Ubomiri community, in the Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State on Thursday, January 6.

Amongst the eyewitnesses wsd a lady, who was heard speaking in the background, reporting that she had repeatedly said the man was evil, but no one believed her.

However, on the side of the vuctorious victim; he is a 14-year-old boy who lives in the neighborhood.

The suspect reportedly invited the boy to his apartment for an errand. On arrival at his room, the unsuspecting young boy met him blaring loud music from his home theatre.

It was also reported that as soon as the young boy entered the room, the suspect jammed the door, hit him with a machete, and wanted to push the 14-year-old into the already dug grave.

The boy’s screams attracted neighbours who forcefully broke down the door and rescued him, before handing the ritualist over to the police.

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Watch Video below;