Nigerians Asked For The Arrest Of Odumeje After The Death Of Ada Jesus(Photos)

The masses of the federal republic of Nigeria, have Asked For The Arrest Of Odumeje After The Death Of Ada Jesus

The Death of Ada Jesus is one of the most painful thing Nigerian are experiencing Right away.

Her sickness and death is suspected to be from a recent revealing of magical used of Africa Magic by Nigerian pastor and Odumeje and actress Rita Edochie to perform miracle and healing of people.

Although nobody is accusing anyone on her death case, but her sickness eventually occured after this point, that is the main reasons Nigerians are pointing accusation finger on Odumeje and Rita Edochie.

Before her death, she asked of forgiveness from them, but it takes a while before he could respond, while Rita still remain silent even till her very point of death .

Ada Jesus Is Dead

An Instagram user, @malikdeking wrote, “Rita edochie said,she will never come out from that illness and she is finally dead, Rita and Odumeje should be arrested”.

@symplychi_oma wrote, “They should arrest the people that said they are the curse biko”.

@yeshua_myguide1 wrote, “odumeje took credit for her illness.she was supposed to get better after he forgave her but she died instead..dont let these false prophets fool u.some of them are just circus clowns”.

@jenyify2, “Odumeje n Rita go eat her corpse now evil people u have killed her.. Someone dat was healthy looking yesterday”.

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