July 19, 2024
Nigerians call for ban of new Hollywood horror movie ‘Children of the Corn’

Nigerians call for ban of new Hollywood horror movie ‘Children of the Corn

Nigerians have taken to social media to cause a buzz due to the release of a Hollywood film with the name; Children of the Corn.

A movie promotion page announced on 21st of March that the horror flick has officially hit theaters but it got a plethora of response that it never anticipated.

“Children of the Corn is finally out!!!”, @everymovieplug wrote on Twitter.

Following the announcement, citizens of Nigeria on the microblogging platform, flooded the comment section and asked for the movie to not be brought to the country’s cinemas.

The reason for this is because of the word ‘Agbado’ which is Yoruba for corn, and it was popularized by president-elect, and former APC candidate Bola Tinubu, who talked about how it can be fed to young to-be-recruited soldiers while he was campaigning.

It became an internet meme that people used to make jokes and banter online, but the movie release which came after Tinubu won the presidential election caused a sour taste in the mouths of people.

While some people saw it as content that can be used to make jokes online, others called for it to be cancelled or banned from the shores of Nigeria.


@mikkyalat; Is this an hint? Horror keh. Jesu gbawa o😩

@ose_anenih; Ah. Hollywood don do Children of Agbado horror movie for Nigerians, Dividends of democracy don dey show already.

@kevyndurang; Abeg no carry this movie come naija, my heart is fragile

@chriztool; Cant tell me anything.. Tinubu , sanwo olu and mc oluomo acted this movie .. na even horror movie

j0eeboyyy44; I don’t wanna be a child f the corn abeg we fit write petition to cancel the movie

@deshotcaller; “Nothing ever really dies in the corn” God abeg nau 😭😭😭😭

Lindaed0vue24; This horror film needs to be banned before e give us trauma

@agentnotime; Synopsis: The master of the cornfield has arrived to unleash his terror upon the dis-obedient agbadoriàns. Who will deliver them from their master? Is it garri or is it eba?

@iamsomcoy; The movie is filled with SUSPENSE, VIOLENCE, DISENFRANCHISEMENT and RIGGING… as directed by me, y’all go watch it

__yungpablo50447; My heart is already beating fast, this movie must be banned before e reac ou cinema, abeg.

When the movie page saw the type of comments netizens were dropping, it asked; “Why are Nigerians reacting to this movie differently 😅 Care to explain?”

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